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Hotel of Miyajima  New Kotobuki ・・・ We are Japanese style Clean and Quiet Accommodation. The hotel is located between Myajima port and Itsukushima shrine. It is convenient for sightseeing and shopping.  the hotel will enjoy a firewood stove and a kotatsu.

Welcome to Miyajima Hotel New KOTOBUKI 
KOTOBUKI is a " Modern style Japanese Hotel" located on the historical island of Miyajima in Hiroshima Prefecture
Miyajima is one of the three most scenic spots in Japan and also resisted as World Cultural Heritage
Hotel New KOTOBUKI offers you warm Jpanese hospitality and unforgettable memories!

We provide you a comfortable Japanese style tatami mat room with two different style:
Japanese Futon beds room
(6 rooms)
Europian style semi double twin bed room (7 rooms)

ROOM RATE 20178/01
Room Type Capacity U-Room Fee V-Room Fee W-Room Fee X-Room Fee
C type(Superior Room): Japanese style 10.5tatami mats with futon room with private bathroom and  toilet as well as kotatsu. It is impossible of a child companion. Capacity
 2 person
20,000 yen

24,000 yen
28,000 yen
 3 person
27,000 yen
30,000 yen
33,000 yen
39,000 yen
E type(Twin Room):12.5 tatami mats in European-style semi double twin beds(size122cm×195cm) room with private bathroom and toilet as well as kotatsu. It is impossible of a child companion. Capacity
 2 person
22,000 yen
30,000 yen
D Type(Deluxe Room)Japanese style 20 tatami mats with futon room with private bathroom and toilet as well as  kotatsu. It is possible of a child companion. Capacity
4 person
40,000 yen
44,000 yen
48,000 yen
56,000 yen
5 person
45,000 yen
50,000 yen
55,000 yen
65,000 yen
USD$1100 yen Reservation Request
* All rate include hotel service charge, however national consumption tax will be added to your bill.
* We only accept payment by cash. The credit card cannot be used.

Infants and children are welcome in room D type only. We do not allow any infants and children in other room types. Even though infants and children do not require any beddings and meals, we charge accommodation fees the same as the adults.

* For single use in two or three person capacity room, We charge accommodation fees for two people.
*Kotatsu is a Japanese foot warmer (with a quilt over ) and built it into the floor* All rate include hotel service charge, however national consumption tax will be added to your bill.
*The reservation from the malfunction of the PC invalidates a staying contract.

2016 Reservation Available ・ Fee Calender


Air conditioning
Television sets
Tea making facilities (electric water kettle)
Telephone (only for local calls)
Amenity kit (Japanese style towel, tooth brash & paste, shampoo & conditioner)
Japanese styled night wear(Yukata)
House slipper
Private bathroom and toilet (A-type room has no bathroom, only toilets)

Check-In:15:00 pm
Check-Out:10:00 am

1st floor: 2nd floor:
*Main entrance *Guest rooms
*Robby *Private bathrooms
*Front Desk *Wi-Fi/Internet area
*Vending machine (soft drinks, beer and coffee) 3nd floor and 4th floor:
*Banquet hall (breakfast) *Guest rooms
*Mini shop *Wi-Fi/Internet area
*Smorking area
*Wi-Fi/Internet area
Elevater *For 6 perosns

Smoking is prohibited inside hotel building
Designated smoking areas is located on 1st floor
(outside hotel building).

Private baths 2 F

Opening hours
Evenig: 16:00pm-22:00pm

Banquet Hall 1F
You can enjoy fire place, TV and books from library.
Free drink are available(coffee only).
You may purchase soft drinks, alcohol (beer and sake), and other drinks.
Snacks and fruits are available from mini shop.
You may use microwave and electric kettle.
You may use massage-chair.
Opening hours
Wi-Fi/Internet area

There is a free service of drink.
Time: 4:00 Pm〜10:00 Pm
Time: 8:00 Am〜9:00 Am

There is a free service of light snack
Time: 8:00 Am〜9:00 Am

There is a free service of drink.

Mini shop 1F Mini shop is located at the 1st floor.
You may purchase snacks, fruits, ice cream and so on.
Limited items are available.

Opening hours

Vending machine 1F For beer and soft drinks are available for 24-hours.

Chaser Please pay for your purchase at the front desk.
We cannot exchange currencies.

We do not accept credit cards.
Please make your payment by Japanese currency “yen”.

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Up to 14 people 100% 100% 100% 100% 100%
Cancellation charge is calculated by room rate per person per day.

New kotobuki is located in middle of our town Miyajima. 
Approximately 5 minutes on foot from the Miyajima Port and it is convenient for
sightseeing and shopping.

If you are not familiar with the place, please ask the Miyajima tourist information center in Miyajima

Mailing address: 739-0553 , 515 Miyajima-cho, Hatukaichi-si, Hiroshima, Japan
Tel: 81-829-44-2526
If you have any questions or concerns about this homepage, please sent us e-mail . 
E-Mail new kotobuki

Lodging Information

Miyajima Island has been worshipped as a god since ancient times. People of the island feels a god in their everyday life. After sun set, island falls into profound silence of night. Morning of the island start with singing voice of birds. Together with the sound from people's daily life, it becomes harmony to sing the joy of the morning. Miyajima Hotel New Kotobuki is located in the middle of town "Nakanocho" of Miyajima Island. You may enjoy the morning joy of the island at the Miyajima Hotel New Kotobuki.
T. Room
Your room is on the ................ floor, number .................
When leaving the premises, please make sure that your room is locked and leave your room key in at the front desk.
U. Emergency Exits
Upon entering your room, please check the location of the emergency exits.
V. Dinner
* Yamaichibekkan (Traditional Japanese kaiseki ryouri) TEL 0829-44 -0700
Open 17:00〜21:00 (last order 20:30) Closed irregularly
* Yosakoi (local cuisine seafoods & okonomiyaki) TEL 0829-44-0718
17:00〜22:00 (last order 20:30)
Closed on Wednesday
* Kishibe (Okonomiyaki) TEL 0829-44-0002
17:00〜21:00 Closed onThursday
W. Advantageous information .
* The private baths is located on the 2nd  floor.
16:00 〜22:00
You can take a bath together for family.
* There is a free drink corner in a banquet hall in the first floor.
Open 16:00 〜22:00  8:00〜9:00
* There is a light snack corner in the morning in first floor banquet hall .
Open 8:00〜9:00
* There are 2 liters of free natural water bottles in each guest room
X. Valuables
Valuables can be stored at the front desk. Please be aware that the management will not be held responsible for valuables left in your room. Thank you for your understanding.
Y. Check-out
Check-out time is 10:00.
If you want to go out in the morning, it is better to check-out first, then leave your luggage in the lobby area. We can store your luggage till 15:00.
Please let us know what time you would be back here to collect your luggage.
If you are staying after 15:00, we recomend you to use locker room at Miyajima Port.
Late check-out is available on request (An additional charge is necessary).
Z. Other
All room facilities such as yukata, slippers, towels, electric kettle etc. are available for your pleasure when staying with us, not for the souvenir.
We sincerely hope you will have a pleasant and relaxing stay with us.

Miyajima Hotel new kotobuki
Hirosimakenn Hatukaichisi
Miyajimacyou Nakanocyouomote 515
e-mail newkotobuki@do5.enjoy.ne.jp


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