「21th Century's God arivall aniverselly」

・About God
How long have it kept from human beings had a concept of God ?
One belive God be there before human race be bone,the other belive gods live in mountains, or liver. they belive many gods in the world. On the other hand, ,they said it is no god age. Indeed ,I think that it is thinned social influence of religion. But I belive that the concept of god never disappear. God will survive about the object of soul salvation as if it is thinned .Because the humn beings haven't discovery the object of soul salvation instead of the object of God.
Thus ,what is God ?I would like to express my opinion.

So far, 「Death」 was the end of an individual. But,recently the concept of an individual continues to change. Especially,the characteristic is developed the field of genetics . The field of the inheritance chemistry developed rapidly in the 20th century. It is likely to come not to understand piece what easily in addition if the clon is allowed or, the gene recombination comes to be done easily.
At such a present age, book which will become one of indicators of the 21st approaching century is "Selfish gene" (R. dorkins). The piece of living thing is compared in this book in case of "Paste one of the gene". "Piece" comes to exist in "The gene always repeats the copy and keep existing when almost permanent" straightening according to the explanation of this book. In a word, "Death" is equal to not being unlimitedly for the gene.
Instead, it is because the death of "Piece" is necessary(Let's think about the gene by which abnormality is caused . Because abnormality is not left until the future, the death of "Piece" is necessary for the preservation of the gene and the preservation of the seed. ). To our regret, we experience without fail here, and the insight which dies and attaches which stands in the standpoint of "Piece" is omitted.And, we still die and cannot cancel the root uneasiness confronted . However and this queer latest "Philosophy book" contain the thesis of the idea which "Piece" dies and confronts.
It can be said that the gene always sends a simple signal which everyone knows to our "Piece" if it says from the idea of "Selfish gene". It is just a signal "Live and leave the seed". The living thing has taken necessary, various abilities for that. If only the result is seen, it can be interpreted that it was not possible to keep living in the one that a necessary ability cannot be taken in solemn the natural world. Therefore, it can be said that all living things which exist in this earth provide with the necessary condition on "Live". However, we must not forget "There is no positive proof where we can live the future ahead anywhere though we have the resulting necessity". It is a reality which should be individually got over . It can be confirmed that the concept of "Piece" exists here, and there is a subjectivity in our "Piece" . However, our "Piece" should be faced to "Death" after all sooner or later . This is a reality not avoided. Therefore,our "Piece" is suffered in the interstice of the life and the death for continuing of the seed. The gene is sure not to need the god. Because, they are guaranteed an almost eternal continuing. It is our "Piece" necessity of god truly to hold uneasiness in interstice of life and the death, to struggle.

By the way, it seems to be one of the abilities of the living thing in me even because of the suffering. Suffering is related to "Lack feeling". It is the one like the sense of starvation with which it tries to meet the insufficient one. This "Ability with which it tried to meet the insufficient one" might have been a study of action to which the living thing was acquired at the formed initial stage. "Lack feeling" is formed as an action by which something is buried under insufficient as well as a simple action where the river flows. The living thing enabled the child to eat, to make love, to excrete as a result, and to be borne (This is strictly a feature of having and genital a living thing). In addition, the living thing built various and original cultures by developing it. And, I think that man was able to make "God" a concept when the person was about to fill the "Lack feeling". Isn't "God" the one like "Concept of safety" which the "Lack feeling" produces? It is formless than "Emotion". However, it can be expressed. "God" also looks like it. "God" is the one that there is no shape which can be expressed. It is thought that the expression ability created various gods. Therefore, 100 kinds of gods' concepts will exist if there are basically 100 people. In addition, it can be as mentioned above originally said to "God" that it is the living thing individual from the structure. Various gods can say only that he differs the expression form, and it is done that various religions seem to mean the same thing basically by the above-mentioned reason. However, because the living thing obtained maintenance and safe feeling of the life with a common base, became they tries to have the union god. It is thought that this is a nucleus and essence of the religion.

It can be said that there is a right to request "God" ,that is, "Object of safety" from the above-mentioned to all the people. And, the question becomes there is not an excluded necessity either because it has have the same god by us a possible, different god. "There are all in the place in which it is thought that it is. " like believe in so first. And, they are all objects which should be learnt for the living thing to which "Object of safety" is always requested.
Well, how will be about the god in Japan in it?

・About Japanese gods
The pantheon of Japan is not understood to tell the truth well. Japan has been being acknowledged internationally for a long time as a country of no thought. However, I think that there is certain thought also in Japan. A person said "The god is a standard by which knows person's pain". It might be so from a historical viewpoint. Gods of the people who experienced the pain that the race ruins are powerful. And, those gods show the tendency to expand compared with the god in other regions. Japan is that such a god not did not have after all, and was then unhappy. After all, Japan did not have such a god. And, it was not unhappy either.

The Japanese is not a single race. So to speak, the Japanese has been approved to the origin of the definition of flowing to Japan, tracing, and being admitted as a Japanese at the arriving time. However, there is time when the emigrant has surged in large quantities only once. It is from the age of Jomon to the age of Yayoi. It is said that this is related to confusion the famine in the civil wars age of China. I think that the concept of the god who becomes basic of Japan at this time was completed. I have been thinking with every means in one's power about it on this HP.

Japan is known as 8,000,000 gods' countries. It is said that the origin succeeded the animism thought assumed that the god stays in nature since age of Jyomon . But, it is unusual the thought before such a national formation is leaving even now in sociology and historically . It can be called extremely rare in the world history, and actual impossibility. It is thought that there is a cause in the completion of some thought not to succeed the thought before a national formation if it is possible but to be able to give all gods to the same foundation by the process of a national formation. Then, what thought had you completed? If you examine the document about the pantheon of Japan, it is understood that an immediately innumerable pantheon exists. The pantheon of Japan is assumed to be a stay in the mountain and the river. However, I noticed "The pantheon of Japan is not particular existence". The pantheon to appear to classics of Japan , "Kojiki and Nihonsyoki" does not at least stay from the start to the mountain and the river. It was my investigation result whether the relation to a peculiar culture, and a harvest by "Fusou culture and bronze sacristy".

In conclusion, it is enumerated that the pantheon of Japan is a person.Peculiar geographical features in Japan where surroundings faced the sea created a very interesting culture. It is not possible that the maturity of a civilization voluminous as continental happened in Japan, though it might be able to be said that the maturity existed faintly only under a strange situation like isolation. It came immediately transmitting the shine of such a continental civilization in the sea, though the civilization is not still prepared to be accepted in Japan. Therefore, the surprise and the yearning to the civilization in a pure meaning were born in Japan. It is thought that the person who brought it was chosen to be a pantheon. I attempted the consideration of the use of the bronze sacristy as one of technologies which the civilization brought by "Origin of gods arivall aniverselly".

Heat is transmitted to low because it is high. The structure of the pantheon of Japan also looks like it. It can be said that "Rapid temperatures fluctuate of the civilization" produced the structure of the pantheon of Japan. It is thought the reason which a person was able to become a god. And, it is likely to have become a starting point that peculiar culture ,"Fusou culture" set up the person as the god by the process of a national formation. Japan did not have the union god by that after all up to now. However,I think that it was able to acquire an interesting concept in Japan, instead of it. It was to have had the culture to be able to do "The god is gathered" in Japan. The religion and thought are exclusive basically closed. Therefore, a different god is not permitted to be worshiped in the vicinity. The history has removed many gods.

However, all exist is permitted in Japan. Therefore, it has been thought that Japan is a country of the irreligion. However, is it actually so? Will not you be thought that Japan was completing the thought exists all ? And, I think that Japan selects the necessary one well, and has the culture by which oneself can take it. The culture is a feature of the Izumo culture.

Then, let's enter the subject. Why was I interested in the culture of Izumo? It is the reason that there is a festival named gods arivall aniverselly in Izumo. In the interest of gods arivall aniverselly, "The god is gathered" is a possible point. Originally,gods arivall aniverselly is a festival by which only the pantheon of Japan is invited. However, I think so regrettable stopping an indeed Japanese culture that "The god is gathered" of this festival can be done in the festival only of the pantheon of Japan. Then, I want to extract only can do "The god is gathered" in this festival, give width to the interpretation, and develop gods arivall aniverselly by the world scale. I want to count all pantheons in a word all over the world in Izumo and hold the festival. This is "21th Century's God arivall aniverselly" plan. This purpose is let regained them "God" by which they can talk again in all people's minds . "Object of safety" of piece need not dare to be lost. Now since the belief is being lost, it is necessary to return "God" to the appearance originally again. "God" is necessary for us as "Object of safety" not used to kill the person . I want to put such a wish and start "21th Century's God arivall aniverselly" from Izumo aiming at the 21st century.

Count gods in Izumo
I will gather all gods in Izumo, regardless of a still active god or size the god and now at the time of be disappearing. It is not only a god in Japan. I will register gods whom you believe all over the world. And then, I want to do "21th Century's God arivall aniverselly" with people who agree my idea. It is my "Will".

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