'The first of net opening to the public work of place Do"Fountain myth of old"'

. The first story. It is an encounter captive to "Cau" night attack.
. The second story. To the Cammurinaot pilgrimage
. The third story. The voice of hill Tacatsyatami is heard.
. The fourth story. Plan of fortune teller circle
. The fifth story. Resistance of Ehime necessary castle in Shikoku

Japanese version
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The setting: 20XX age and the earth were encompassed by the flame of the nucleus at the Christian era at time. The majority of the population were lost, and a lot of civilizations and the sciences disappeared. As for people who survived, in all new order, power lives. The public peace is disturbed, and the student who lost sight of the target secures the public peace by centralization that centers on Tokyo, and measures the expansion of the home country power by the invasion and the flattery to another country study teaming up as a group and the attack of the shopping street and the deprivation of goods, and the command of it gradually, and ruler's (fountain god of old) who groups it showing up, and.

The problem is an accumulation though the fountain god of old is hardening control well. Demand of dispatching soldiers in domestic law for foreign country from Bush god to foreign country who becomes foreign intervention in domestic affairs and a large sum of expense of of can management Canecami. Powerful clans who do not think the fountain politics of old to be pleasant domestically have looked for the chance to raise a revolt.

Set profile

- The Bush god: It is a terrorism target nation, and it is president allied in the fountain country of old. Naturally, the evaluation of another country is a country where isolation is severely feared by the international society though it doesn't go as domestic business thinks, and domestic support is won because of revenge on terrorism.

- Canecami: The fountain god of old treats the enemy country because it cannot put it on the control of the old fountain though the power candidate is excluded and an independent political power is built after the effort. It racks one's brains about a poisonous cultural import from the vicinity country oppositely though a valuable medicine is exported.

The first story: Main profile

- The fountain god of old (hero): It is mind that supports it though it is an order of the omniscience omnipotence that commands the god who rules everything that becomes it and the army corps and can call pitiless thought to be a country.

- Fountain Cabinet of old:
├ The Hoso Chief Cabinet Secretary: The fountain god's of old counselor and charge of announcing to public are commanded. However, the mind has sunk in vice.
└ Cau: It becomes in the night attack and it becomes encounter enemy's captive though it travels around the foreign country by the influence of "Electric wave boy" seen with the play.

- Bin Laden: It is plotted that the student leader and the student are guided and terrorism is caused in various places, and because the second generation is set up, swears the holy war to the fountain god of old and the Bush god though the first generation has already died.

Term explanation

- The electric wave boy: A lot of Japanese who planned, and had referred to this by the wandering about Nippon Television Network Corporation and foreign countries by penniless and defenseless were rolled in the kidnapping.

The first story: 2005/01/01 updates

It was surely thought that it was a war that was able to be won, cooperated in dispatching soldiers therefore, and the character of the downfall floated on the head momentarily seeing the ・・・・ becoming such a situation electronic journalism in the morning that was the daily work and hearing an aghast "It is an encounter captive to the night attack of the "Cau" enemy of the general in our country" deflecting. However, the truth is not established according to the report, and the means still remains. It went to the official residence while suppressing the shake, and it sought for information.

However, the fact is a cruel Hoso Chief Cabinet Secretary. 「That doesn't make a mistake in and it. The record remains in the general of my army when Cau and the electric wave boy are seen and it travels around Iraq. It is a real thing. 」

However..so..add..this..information..government..know..become silent..information..confirmation..enemy force..specify..dispatch soldiers..martial..withdrawal..government..correspondence..take..thing..do.「The amount of money of substitution to the captive is in a large sum. If it is used, the powerful clan is not becoming silent either. 」

It indeed felt intimidated.

The other party read the change of the expression or put an end to one's life in the following remark.

「Is it good?Even if you cannot do a long-term political power」

Turning over ・・・・, and the result in me attached however and the expectation did not attach the word about which the person worried.

Let's leave it to this man's scenario.

Fountain god of old"Make it to looking Coroshi. "

It is Hoso Chief Cabinet Secretary in previous as for media. "And information on the enemy force are chased enumerating a certain truth and the country by the confirmation work. "

News organization「Cannot you move by our information?Isn't there original information?」

Hoso Chief Cabinet Secretary「We are same men. There is no special information. 」

The second story: Leading characters and term explanation

- Cammurinaot: It is a former representative of the powerful clan of the Democratic Party, it is a fountain god of the anti-old, and the political power is chased by the national pensioning unpaid.

- The pilgrimage: It walks concerning the sacred place in Shikoku for confession, and if it is not ..unemployed.. university student timewise, is difficult.

The second story: 2005/01/27 updates

The typhoon season in August was received, and this age was not taken a rest however by the typhoon and came. It is the fountain god of old to call the typhoon aiming at my pilgrimage round. No, it is likely not to do from his character, and this doing mouth must be aide's Hoso Chief Cabinet Secretary's act.

It is provoking.

"However, let's darkened, and find the hotel of this day slowly. "

Sleeping in the open of the powerful clan of the opposition party is too dangerous on the 11th pilgrimage day of Shikoku though food is attacked the nearby convenience store and secured in Japan that the fountain god of old rules.

Falling asleep might be pulled to the car by the fountain believer of old, and my obituary decorate one side ‥.

It camouflages it by monk's clothes now it cannot be asserted that it is not though the possibility seems to be few.

It walked while doing such a thought.

Person who seems that secretary it「The light was seen. Let's ask here. 」

Secretary"Good evening"

Civilian"Yes, it be what?"

?"Is it good though it wants to rent the hotel of today?"

Civilian"I'm sorry the room cannot be lent. "

Secretary"As whom are an impolite person and this person known?"


Secretary"It will be had ..a former representative of the third generation of the powerful clan of the Democratic Party it, and Cammurinaot... "

Cammurinaot"It is good, and the unemployed now. "

Civilian"And and"

Cammurinaot"Very, it is cold. "

Own immaturity is recognized by the reception of the unjust civilian in this pilgrimage surroundings, and abhorrence has been improved to the fountain gods of old.

The third story: Leading characters

- Hill Tacatsya: It is a reality, it is a representative of the powerful clan of the Democratic Party, and it is a successor of Cammurinaot.

- Male Sawaitirou: Party member of powerful clan of the new face Democratic Party

- The circle: In the Asakita head temple, many are prophesied.

Term explanation

- Complaints box: Contact method near present mail.

The third story: Leading characters

- Hill Tacatsya: It is a reality, it is a representative of the powerful clan of the Democratic Party, and it is a successor of Cammurinaot.

- Male Sawaitirou: Party member of powerful clan of the new face Democratic Party

- The circle: In the Asakita head temple, many are prophesied.

Term explanation

- Complaints box: Contact method near present mail.

The third story: 2005/02/01 updates

Each powerful clan started starting the fight of the House of Councilors, and gathered the soldier, and was scratching for information, and the representative of the powerful clan of the Democratic Party hill fourth generation rice field did not see for a while on this occasion, and looked over the complaints box voluntarily soon.

People 1'The consumption tax tax increase is opposite. '

Hostility was expected when it opposed the consumption tax tax increase, and it antagonized the economy association and there was no chance of success.

People 2'There is a doubt of the rebellion in a male swamp. '

Male Sawaitirou is a new face who belonged to my powerful clan. It communicates secretly, the fire is set to the Iwate castle, and there is details that drive out the fountain family of old with the old fountain before though it united. I trust it.

People 3'Please the typhoon will visit many in Shikoku, and take care in August. '

It might be able to be said that this is a prophecy on July 15 that the date is seen though it doesn't stop even in the nature, and it tried to see the following.

The Liberal-Democratic Party large great party is difficult, and grasp favor Houdai descends the generation right and the direction right of the typhoon, and the forecast is difficult for a usual person now.

There was continuation. 'The typhoon is expected to be used so that the fountain gods of old who succeed in the political power driving out of Cammurinaot may pursue and attack a retreating enemy in addition. '

It why. Top secret that only political world learns. When contributor's name was seen, it was written the circle.

Because it was 'Aim at the break in a levee for public construction promotion', it did not stop it in the nature though other hitting of the typhoon was prophesied.

Did the question of the person who was called "Circle" in the one of use immediately.

The one of use"The shrine maiden of the Asakita head temple is taken charge to the person who is called a circle if the contributed address is true. "

Hill rice field"The person's profile"

The one of use"The thing that goes out of the head temple seems to have gotten off the mountain once for study and is not at all, and seems only to exchange it with the letter though seems to have lived in the vicinity of the head temple since I was a boy ..seeming the living in the head temple... "

It is the representative of the powerful clan of the Democratic Party difficult to proceed voluntarily though I want to draw in to my powerful clan on the standpoint.

Hill rice field"Easily First of all, call about the solicitation. "

"Yes, it is an Asakita head temple receipt. "

..one ".. of use though it is a person of the powerful clan of the Democratic Party who will must be going very much ‥.

"The solicitation of the fight of the House of Councilors is refused. "


The one of use"It was refused. "

Hill rice field"What"

The fourth story: Term explanation

- Letter: Shape near present chat and online toque.

Group explanation

- The Aum Supreme Truth religious cult: It the religion organizes it until the group homicide is done by the activity by the protection of the news organization.

- Place degree truth: It is a religious organization, and not only the propagation activity but also the terrorism worker's school management works.

The fourth story: 2005/02/07 updates

The circle and contacting were able to be taken by contacting the hill rice field from that with the letter.

It looked like a lot of abductions before and the group and Aum Supreme Truth religious cults that caused the murder well, and the circle also had the bitter memory and, and met directly not having been permitted seems to have wanted to refrain from going out as much as possible recalling the group and the relation though about three characters in the back were the same even if it said though the circle served as the founder of a religion of place degree truth in the Asakita head temple.

Hill rice field"How is the fight of the House of Councilors seen?"

Circle "Become the fight of the Liberal-Democratic Party large great party and the democratic powerful clan party that the fountain god of old leads. ""Apparently, the Liberal-Democratic Party large great party believes victory by the profits of the number. "

Hill rice field"And, isn't there winning chance?"

Circle"It is possible to say, and the weak point is seen there. "

To solve writing sentences that felt the doubt, the following word was continued.

Circle"In a word, it is thought that it leads to victory if the resolution put on the fight is different, and it is made the best use of like Mr. crown at the democratic powerful clan party that can do nothing but become a thief when defeated. "

Hill rice fieldIt is possible not to seem to win only by it though "".

The plan was not forgotten.

Circle "Let's drop powerful Shiroshicoc of the Liberal-Democratic Party large great party. ""The effect of the image is large if winning in this brush war even if defeated in by a whole war. "

The character's striking it for 5 or 6 seconds stopped, and the circle seemed to think about the following word.

Circle"Moreover, it seems to be ・・・・ that the fountain god of old wants to be suppressed the soldier's dispatch and to be won as for this region. "

It took an active part as a shrine maiden, it combined with the good circle fortune-telling, and the plan.

In addition, the explanation continued.

Circle"When here is attacked, isolation → looking Coroshi and the combo that says are predictable from the other party's past behavior at a high probability. "

It did for a while, and the hill rice field heard the plan of the circle or moved the soldier and surrounded the castle in Shikoku.

The fight of the House of Councilors started.

The fifth story: Characters

- Ogiwara Kenji: Actor who is Mr. hill rice field's sponger. It is suing it for suspected blackmail by using the crime syndicate because of the claim on money.

- The Ryutaro Hashimoto: It succeeds in pressing the political donation against subordinate's responsibility, and it is former god.

Term explanation

- Shiro: Shape near present assistance office

- Scout: Scout soldier

Mr. hill rice field's surprise attack succeeded. There was not the soldier's stationing, and a lot of Shiro continued and surrounded Cocoroyoshingeki to the Ehime castle where it was Shikoku that poster Tano for the advertisement was a lot of. The Liberal-Democratic Party large great party that barricades oneself doesn't go about food not to mention going to work to do Cade though it starts surrounding the castle, and the third day passing.

Hill rice field"With this, the hand cannot be put out at all. "

I did not think besieging at the expense of our bodies surely. Is there a great preparation?

It is not ..the hard counteroffensive.. when this is forcibly attacked ・・・・. It thought whether there were any means.

"There is a good idea for me. "

It was Ogiwara actor Kenji.

Mr. hill rice field guessed everything at the mere sight of the face of Ogiwara.

"Is the crime syndicate used?"

As for Ogiwara, it was guessed right or differs or is not slight movement.

Mr. hill rice field was adding Ogiwara to the sponger as dirt post charge. Schedule..crime..with..on condition that..come to light..all..responsibility..below..press against..evasion..do..now..situation..differ.

Top management increases and the thing that the responsibility is pursued has increased now.

In the example of Kon futuristic, former god's of Ryutaro Hashimoto "Dark donation of 100 million yen" has still resigned the representative of the faction who served though became subordinate's responsibility criminal.

Hill rice field"It understands even if it doesn't hear it, and examine it positively. "

It was judged that the risk was large, and cut off the idea decently.

On the other hand, the fountain god of old when the report was received deserted the Ehime castle according to the expectation of the circle when surrounded.

This is a pitiless order that defends only the remaining castle now since the situation deteriorates.

There was no concrete measure to the besieging war, and two weeks passed.

It did not know and the tension had loosened or I did not hear the speech that improved the fighting spirit that the enemy side regularly did either.

When having sent out a scout, doubted Mr. hill rice field :.

・・・・・・ how

Everyone had died of hunger.

It did not die of hunger to the inside as brave, and there seems to have been a person who committed suicide with a sword, too.

It seems to surround the castle, and economic sanction to be effective.

Mr. hill rice field"The enemy became thin and did a poor thing whether having endured it. "

It saw it to the enemy becomeing thin and inferior like the child probably because of ..that...

However, the progress of a battle has advanced greatly by having dropped an important point in the strategy.

The fight of result the House of Councilors sounded this and was called overwhelming disadvantageous, and the democratic powerful clan party won by the little difference, and suppressed victory by a brush war and a whole war.

However, getting over a lot of corpses who do not forget mutually.

And, rule was to have been done to the next generation god by this victory at the democratic powerful clan party.


[ Five-all story conclusion ]

This story is a fiction. It doesn't relate to the group the actual person at all.


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